The ground level of the Firehouse is a community arts facility, and exhibition space. This means it will function as a flexible space, where artist's talks, film screenings, and long-term exhibitions will be available for the local communities to attend, with participants from the local area and from further afield. Monthly educational programs such as photography and painting classes will be offered with a view to facilitate interaction between arts professionals and local creatives, both young and old. At times when an exhibition is on display, the gallery will be open every Saturday and by appointment to receive visitors.


Image: Ryan James MacFarland, Dilemma, 2016 (detail)

"Post Hudson", is a photo show that focuses on artists who are engaged in traditions of classic photography as it relates to landscape and atmosphere. In particular, artists who, either consciously or subconsciously, engage with aesthetic and thematic traditions set forth by the Hudson River School of painting. The first extant photo ever created was produced by Nicephore Niepce in 1826, exactly one year after Thomas Cole took a boat up the Hudson river, and began the first works that would later be considered the seminal works of the Hudson River School. However, it would be over 75 years until color photography was widely produced or even seen. "Post Hudson" is an articulation of the current state of scientific and creative advancement in the field of photography, and the indelible influence of landscape painting on this endeavor. With work by Elizabeth Chiles, Nils Ericson, Ryan James MacFarland, Dan Torop and Stephen Truax.

This event is made possible with public funds from the Decentralized Program of the NYC Council on the Arts, administered in Greene County by the Greene County Council on the Arts through the Community Arts Grants Fund



Lydia Anne McCarthy
Artificial Paradises
November 21, 2015 - January 10th, 2016

Frontispiece is proud to announce Artificial Paradises, an exhibition by Brooklyn based artist Lydia Anne McCarthy. Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday, November 21st, from 6-8pm.

This is an act of devotion.

In photographs, wallpaper and sculptures, I construct a place of worship, inspired by mystical visions, New Age culture and my own particular experiences. On one wall, giant crows emerge from the darkness, with spiritual warriors and cacti suspended in the inky black, the warriors' eyes glowing.

21, varying-sized wax 'allies', sit like silent creatures, creating a miniature mountainscape. Described in Carlos Castaneda's 'The Teachings of Don Juan', allies are supernatural forces that aid the spiritual warrior on their path to knowledge. These allies are my protectors, glowing a different color of RGBCMYK - colors intrinsic to color photography and psychedelic visions.

Photographs of objects and landscapes of northern New Mexico hang throughout the space. Geometric, striped forms suspended in cliff dwellings, an octagram made from a single bundle of sage and the Rio Grande doubled reinforces the central idea: is this real or fabricated?

-Lydia Anne McCarthy

Based in New York, McCarthy's work has been exhibited widely, including Daniel Cooney, Essex Flowers and the Scandinavia House in New York and NAU Gallery in Stockholm. In 2012 she was included in the Humble Arts Foundation's 31 Women in Art Photography at Hasted Kraeutler. Lydia's work has been reviewed and published in The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, Dossier and the Huffington Post. She received a yearlong American-Scandinavian Foundation Fellowship in 2011 and has held residencies at the Banff Centre and the Vermont Studio Center.

Keith Edmier
Approaching Thunder Storm
October 17 - November 15th, 2015

Frontispiece is proud to announce Approaching Thunder Storm, an exhibition by New York based artist Keith Edmier. Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday, October 17th, from 6-8pm.

On display will be two interrelated works. The first, "Hummingbirds and Orchids, c. 1875-90 (Blc. Hillary Rodham Clinton 'First Lady')", is a sculptural work from his recent series "First Lady Cattleyas". These life-cast works are recreations of the hybrid Cattleya orchids that have been bred in honor of each American First Lady since 1929. Edmier will also present "Proposal Maquette for the Vice Presidential Bust of Al Gore". Edmier produced the piece while in the running to do the official bust of the vice-president for the senate building. Presented in-person to Gore, the proposal was denied, thereby rendering the maquette the final form of the project.

With each work, Edmier is focusing attention on a specific set of relationships: the crossover of his personal history with the histories of the artists, politicians, craftspeople, and professionals he references. A botanist, a first lady, a vice president, a dentist, a commercial sculptor, a quarrier, a painter, and a photographer all factor as inspirations and collaborators.

Of particular relevance to Approaching Thunder Storm is the Hudson Valley painter, Martin Johnson Heade. His orchid paintings were a source of inspiration for the Catteleya works, and the placement of the hybrid orchid on the Tennessee marble pedestal mimics the composition of the flowers in Heade's "Orchid and Hummingbird paintings [1871-1890]".

Keith Edmier was born in Chicago, Illinois. His work has been shown throughout the United States and internationally. He has been the recipient of survey exhibitions at the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem, the Netherlands (2012) and CCS Bard Hessel Museum, Annandale-on-Hudson (2007). He has held solo exhibitions at The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh (2003) and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in (2002). His work was featured in the 2002 Whitney Biennial and in group exhibitions at the Sculpture Center in New York (2013), the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis (2012), Kunstwerke in Berlin (2007), Tate Modern in London (2007), Tate Liverpool (2005), Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome (2007), Kunsthalle Vienna (2004), and Migros Museum in Zurich (2004). His work are in the permanent collections of major museums such as the Tate Gallery, London; San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; and the Israel Museum, among others. He is the recipient of the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation 2001 Biennial Award. In the fall of 2016, his installation of the interior of his childhood home, entitled Brementowne (2008), will be installed at The Walker Art Center.

For our inaugural exhibition, "BA-WE" we have asked artists, writers, designers, and gallerists from disparate backgrounds and locales to donate art-related books from their personal collections that have influenced their lives and professions. These books will be on display and available for perusal by visitors. During this exhibition, we encourage visitors to read, relax, and discuss, as much or as little as desired.

This exhibition will be open from June 20 - July 27th, Saturdays and Sundays, from 12-6, and by appointment.